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Image by Alfred Kenneally


Thank you for visiting Wild Meadow Creative.

My name is Rachel, and I’m a musician and artist based in the beautiful Sussex countryside.

I hand make botanical casts to capture the delicate beauty of nature.

wild meadow creative. hand made botanical casts
Bontanical Casts


Examples of smaller casts. 13cm square/19cm square mounted


Examples of larger original casts. 22cm square, 25cm square, 30 x 17.5cm


My casts, both individual bespoke commissions and smaller works, are made entirely by hand, and are therefore unique, which is what makes them so special.


My casts come in different sizes from 13cm sq upwards.

The smallest casts are supplied with a tiny white easel for display, or on a wooden mount. It is possible for me to reproduce a selection of these smaller casts using a silicon mould, but no two are ever exactly the same.


Larger casts are supplied with or without a wooden mount.

All casts are beautifully and safely wrapped in recycled paper & tied with string. I attach a tag in the shape of a small red heart, ready to gift for any occasion.

All packaging is environmentally friendly and compostable where possible.

See below for basic pricing. 


Please email me to place an order.

about the casts
wild meadow creative


I am very happy to take commissions.

If you’d like your picture to feature a particular flower or plant (season dependent) to create a very personal gift, or to evoke a memory, this is a unique way to preserve flowers and plants so they can be enjoyed forever.

Please contact me for more details and to discuss the various options.

Price on Application.

Photo: Recent Commission. Cowparsley 70cms x 30cms


PRICES (option 1)

Casts only

13cm square:               £60

19.5 x 14cm                  £85

22cm square               £110

25cm square               £120

30cm x 17.5cm            £120

Postage and Packaging to be added to all prices.

*Supplied with a white mini easel for display

Image by Clint McKoy

PRICES (option 2)

Casts are supplied on wooden mount, ready to hang

13cm square:               £80

19.5 x 14cm                  £120

22cm square               £150

25cm square               £160

30cm x 17.5cm            £160

Postage and Packaging to be added to all prices.

The fluctuation of wood prices and availability dictates that the price of mounted casts will vary accordingly.

Studio shot 2.jpg


I have been a professional cellist for over 30 years but I’ve also always had a love of nature, and flowers in particular.


When the Pandemic hit and the music profession suddenly ground to a halt, I saw an opportunity to develop a skill I had long admired, the art of casting botanicals in plaster.


This ancient practice involves pressing flowers and plants into clay. After carefully removing them and surrounding the picture with a frame, plaster is poured in creating a relief of the plants.


The result is delicate and beautiful, suspending the botanicals in a timeless impression to enjoy long after the plant itself has faded.


I draw my inspiration from the hedgerows of the Sussex countryside as well as from my own garden where I grow many species of flowering plants.



The tile itself is visually so delicate, the herbs lift off the surface beautifully, as if frozen on a winter’s morning.

this will be a cherished gift.

E McDonough

A gorgeous herbal plaque mounted on natural timber.

Thank you Rachel, I shall treasure it forever.      


S Leadbetter (New Zealand)

This cast, ‘Cosmos and Honeysuckle’ is simply stunning and mounted on cherry wood. I am thrilled to have this piece in my home and have been impressed by the talent and presentation in this artwork and the prompt and professional contact with artist, Rachel, from the start.

Vicci Wardman

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Image by Alfred Kenneally


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